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A collaborative approach, with a refreshing difference.

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Working together for a common goal

A collaborative effort brings benefits when all key parties provide input. But full cooperation takes both time and trust to develop. This is where our expertise comes in.

By encouraging everyone to work together, we create a supportive and transparent injury management process, optimising outcomes for all involved.

We maintain a proactive and personalised approach towards work injury management.

Benefits for Employers

A partnership with Total Claims Solutions can provide many benefits:

  • Having an experienced injury management coordinator on your team – we’ve supported almost 3000 injured workers back to work
  • Maintain regular contact with your WorkSafe Agent
  • We help reduce the impact of WorkCover premiums
  • We provide expert advice on all areas of workers’ compensation
  • We aim to positively influence workplace culture
  • We work hard to actively remove any stigma around workers’ compensation

Benefits for Injured Workers

We support you every step of the way:

  • We provide a consistent, single-point of contact
  • Provide support during an often difficult time
  • We take the stress out of navigating the workers’ compensation process
  • Ensuring clear and open communication between all parties
  • A smooth-flowing claims process and rehabilitation & return-to-work program

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